CPS-H1 Self-Leveling Camera Head

Buy now Every photographer knows that image composition requires your full attention, especially on minute details in the scene. Nothing can be left to chance. On location, lighting conditions can change quickly and might never come back. In the studio, accurate equipment speeds production and simplifies work.

The Acadalus CPS-H1 is a rugged self-leveling camera head. Its innovative approach integrates state of the art sensor and microchip technology, giving you a new level of control and speed in setting the camera position. This allows you to devote yourself more to the scene with fewer distractions than ever before.

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Acadalus CPS-h1
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Why do I need it?


The Acadalus CPS-h1 camera head allows you to accurately frame the image by tilting the camera in the desired direction with its microprocessor-controlled stepper motors. Press a direction key for continuous movement or tap for a tiny adjustment. Any rotation of the camera is carefully monitored and compensated for by the head, keeping the movement of the camera straightforward and intuitive.


The Acadalus CPS-h1 camera head shortens the time you need to get ready to shoot from a tripod. Forget about multiple rounds of adjustments trying to get that bubble level centered — the Acadalus CPS-h1 levels the camera automatically. There’s no need get distracted from your image, even on uneven territory or with tripod legs of different lengths.

Thanks to its advanced software, the head compensates for yaw, keeping the actual movements of the camera intuitive and as intended even if the tripod position required a substantial leveling angle.

Uneven Ground

For panoramic and architectural photographers working with natural light, speed and accuracy are essential. The Acadalus CPS-h1 camera head levels the camera within seconds ensuring even horizons and straight verticals, allowing you to capture your subject in the best light – light that might never return.


The Acadalus CPS-h1 camera head’s easy to use keypad lets you work uninterrupted in dark studios. Instead of having to to turn on the lights to look at spirit levels, just tap on the key pad to illuminate it. After a few seconds it dims down again to avoid interference with the subject.

Who uses it?

The self-leveling camera head will help you set up your shots swiftly and consistently. It combines precision mechanics with state-of-the-art sensor technology to cut down on preparation time and deliver more accurate results.

  • On location: Lets you focus on the subject, lighting and composition instead of wasting precious time fiddling with your tripod.
  • In the studio: Get effortless pinpoint precision when lining up the camera for difficult tabletop setups.
  • On architectural shoots: Get instant, exact vertical alignment at the touch of a button.
  • On landscape shoots: Be assured of perfectly horizontal horizons for any panorama.


  • Keypad The Acadalus CPS-h1's built-in sensors determine the camera's accurate position. With the touch of a button, the microprocessor controlled stepper motors level and position your camera precisely.
  • Align your camera to the subject quickly and precisely with the intuitive five button keypad.
  • While on location, power the system with the durable 2800 mAH 18.5 V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack. Its circuitry ensures safe charging with the matching charger and blocks accidental short circuits while transporting the pack. The device also features an advanced state-of the art fuel gauge microprocessor.
  • A convenient locking lever firmly tightens the head on the tripod.
  • The universal power supply is perfect for continuous use in the studio.
  • A description of the protocol used to control the Acadalus CPS-h1 camera head from an external device via its Minidelta connector is available to interested parties upon request.



Weight 2500 g 5 lbs
Dimensions (h x w x l) 190 x 125 x 125 mm 7.5" x 5" x 5"
Rated Capacity 3.5 kg 7.7 lbs
Maximum tilt ≥ 25°
Tilting accuracy ≥ 0.25°
Time to auto-off 20 min after last activity (with battery)
Connectors 2 x Acadalus 20 pin multipurpose socket
DC- in socket, GND outside 17 to 24 V, 6 A
Acadalus Battery Pack    
Weight 500 g 1 lbs
Dimensions (h x w x l) 130 x 35 x 105 mm 7.5" x 5" x 5"
Capacity ≥ 2.2 Ah
Voltage ≥ 18.5 V
Max Current 7 A
Operation per charge About 1 day, or 2 hours of continuous movements
Connectors 2 x Acadalus 20 pin multipurpose socket
DC- in socket 21 V from charger, GND outside
Cells Lithium Ion